Behold, the Symphonic Darkness: Unfathomed of Abyss’ ‘Arisen Upon Oblivion’

This is the fall album you need right now. Unfathomed of Abyss’s new record Arisen Upon Oblivion is an interstellar treat of epic proportions. Dark, orchestral…you can almost hear the demons howl from the dungeon below.

Yet Arisen Upon Oblivion is a gorgeous take on symphonic black metal. It conjures a classic, sweeping, darkened sky over a troubled kingdom, uncomfortably nesting in the darkest corner of the cosmos.

And it’s righteous. Just give “To Unequal The Balance of the Cosmos” a listen and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s a perfect time for Arisen Upon Oblivion. The crispness in the air, the changing of the leaves, the cries from the underworld for revenge…Frightening and beautiful all at once.Unfathomed-of-Abyss_Arisen-Upon-Oblivion

Unfathomed of Abyss puts it this way:

Lyrical concepts center on humanity’s unique place in a universe composed mostly of non-living matter and relative emptiness, the transience of life and civilizations, evolution of life and environments and the perverse and sometimes destructive nature of the traditions created and perpetuated by humanity against itself. All arranged in a garbled apocalyptic type of language that serves to punctuate the chaos and seemingly infinite wonders of existence.

And I definitely feel all of that and more. Mostly, I feel goose flesh. I shouldn’t have listened to this record by myself in our older, rather creaky house last night. Arisen Upon Oblivion illicites loneliness only Major Tom could feel.

The record will also make any serious metal fan recognize that extreme symphonic metal is far from gone. IT IS RISEN ONCE MORE! With a near hour running time, Arisen Upon Oblivion is the stellar result of 14 years of work.

Guitars, bass, arrangements, vocals, engineering and album artwork by Kevin Price, a rabid and unknown fan of symphonic extreme metal of all types. Drums Recorded by the “seasoned speed demon” Kevin Talley and Engineered by Orlando Villasenor at Brochacho Studio.

Mastering by Tom Kvålsvoll (Who has mastered for Emperor among other extreme acts) at Strype audio.

Unfathomed of Abyss has created a dark big bang. A universe all its own. Dangerous, dark and a place where Neil DeGrasse Tyson could finally wear his Star Lord outfit. And we want to go to there.

Unfathomed of Abyss Members/Instruments: Kevin Price

Production: Drums (session) recorded by Kevin Talley and engineered by Orlando Villasenor at Brochacho Studio. Mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll at Strype Audio

Arisen Upon Oblivion Tracklisting:

01 – To Unequal the Balance of the Cosmos
02 – The Figment Unadulated
03 – Within the Glory of Other Lights
04 – To Nothing
05 – Within the Void
06 – The Malevolence of Existence’s Continuation