Ban Hatton’s Walls

By Rhin Howard
A road album, an inward journey record, Ban Hatton’s folk Americana record Walls is about movement in any sense of the word. The young artist has discovered an old voice within himself. His music feels war protest era. The themes regard the wars that rage within ourselves.

Walls is thoughtful, heartfelt, and embraces the well-beaten back roads of America. There’s rock running through the folk. There’s gold in the alt-country. A few tracks sound like rock ballads from the ‘80s. No matter the interpretation, Hatton’s vocals are earnest, full of enthusiasm, rife with raw character.

Hatton may just be starting out, but he’s definitely got an enjoyable long haul ahead of him. His view through the folk genre is a nice addition. Hatton appears to be most at home with song writing. His skills are impression.

Keep an eye out for Hatton. There’s a place for such keen storytelling.

the old sign reads to me
well you’re headed for roanoke son
you won’t find you no dignity
but at least you’ll have some fun

Members / Instruments:
Vocals, guitar, harmonica, bass: Ban Hatton
Drums: David Raouf
Production: Recorded Mixed and Mastered by David Raouf and Scott Merten.

Walls Tracklisting:

1. Backed By The River
2. Brothers
3. Going Home
4. Plastic Dreams
5. She’s Gone
6. Oncoming Lights (For Casey)
7. I Feel Fine (Everything’s Alright)
8. Roanoke
9. Coast to Coast
10. Wish I Had The Sense