Audio Jane: A Full Bird’s Wing

By Lisa Waugh
Audio Jane‘s A Full Bird’s Wing is a glorious time machine back to the sweet spot of the ‘90s. Even if that’s not the goal of the EP, it’s certainly a welcome sensation.

Sarah Pech and bandmates Mike Goldberg, Mark Cote, Jesse Perkins, and Noah Miller have captured that certain sound when MTV sorta kinda still played music while also bringing something original. But what is that exactly? There’s definitely a here-and-now to tracks such as “Radiohead.” We’re present but we’re also full of Mazzy Star gazing.

Maybe the record’s appeal lies in the comfort of the past. We’re more than happy to look back at a time other than now. Considering the current state of things, the ‘90s weren’t so bad. The decade  almost feels like the golden age if you consider NSYNC golden. Some do. No judgement.

Things are pretty fucked up right now so Audio Jane’s music is a breath of fresh air in the midst of all this… whatever this is. And let’s be thankful. Not everyone is caught up in the dreck. No. Audio Jane is doing their own thing. For whatever reason, A Full Bird’s Wing is easy to slide into. The tracks are simple, well built, and Pech’s vocals are like honey. That’s all you need, right?

Sarah Pech: Vocals, guitar
Mike Goldberg: Guitar, keyboards, bass, vocals
Mark Cote: Drums, vocals
Jesse Perkins: Bass
Noah Miller: Keyboards, bass, vocals

1. White Lies
2. Baby I Know
3. Radiohead
4. Bring Down
5. Aliens