Attik Door’s ‘Never in Agreement’ Sets the Stage for the Next Level

Ray Gunn

Hard hitting and packed with 10 awesome tracks, Attik Door’s new album Never in Agreement prepares the band to launch to a wider audience.

The band are a gathering of eclectic tastes and influences from the former USSR, currently based out of San Francisco. Guitarist Alex Shrayber has taken Attik Door to new heights, playing venues up and down the West Coast. The band is rounded out by vocalist Liana Tovmasyan, Margarita Grabarova on bass, Igor Boyko on drums with Tim Shulepov also on guitars.Attik_Door

Among the 10 songs on Never in Agreement, there are some stellar standouts. “Bleed” is a ferocious song and showcases a Rage Against the Machine-type of delivery and messaging. “The Front” has vocalist Tovmasyan sounding almost exactly like Gwen Stefani, particularly in her No Doubt days. “California” ebbs and flows in a truly California way with Tovmasyan’s voice revealing another powerful style. “Time” is a huge stadium song, demonstrating that Attik Door can very well hold their own at large venues.

Even though she’s got an amazing voice, Tovmasyan may want to pull back from the Stefani side of her vocal skills. Stefani is her own brand and some distance might benefit the group. Attik Door and Tovmasyan are way too talented to get stuck into a soundalike category. Mining their native roots might give the band some leverage to push past the horde storming the hard rock and alternative metal fronts.

That is not to say that Never in Agreement isn’t a great album. It’s a superb feat of songwriting and composing with an explosive and face-pealing result.

Attik Door Members/Instruments:
Liana Tovmasyan – vocals
Margarita Grabarova – bass guitars
Igor Boyko – drums
Alex Shrayber – guitars
Tim Shulepov – guitars

Never in Agreement Production:
Produced by Attik Door and Max Samosvat; recorded, mixed and mastered by Max Samosvat

1 Posers
2 Bleed
3 The Front
4 California
5 Snorting Headlines
6 Cyber World
7 Kosmos
8 Spinning Out
9 Moody
10 Time