Arthur Fowler Reveals ‘What’s Keeping Me Going’

Arthur Fowler’s sound is sourced from a long and winding road of genres and experiences. From 60s acid rock to jazz, Fowler has pursued the purest of each genre along his journey. The resulting sound on his latest record What’s Keeping Me Going  is a tapestry of blends that feels like a comfortable, Steely Dan surrealism. Or if Béla Fleck and James Taylor had a musical tryst.

What’s Keeping Me Going has a smoothness and easiness to it but the lyrics run deep. Good examples of this are on “Please Try” and “Room Full of Mirrors.”

Fowler's What's Keeping Me Going documents a musical life fully lived

Fowler’s What’s Keeping Me Going documents a musical life fully lived

There’s a lull to the record and by the time you reach the track “Hu,” you feel as if under a spell. There’s a definite folk current rolling through the mid to slow-paced album, like the tide rolling in and out.

At times sounding like an earlier version of Neil Young, Fowler’s What’s Keeping Me Going is excellently crafted with crystal clear tones and a very present mix.

Currently, Fowler is spending his time, touring around Japan, making Tokyo his home base. Fowler’s growing audience spreads from his native Milwaukee to across the U.S. and Canada then on to Spain and now to a whole new continent that appreciate Fowler’s music. That’s what happens when you’ve cultivated a sound that makes everyone feel at home. No matter where they live.


Guitars and Vocals:  Arthur Fowler
Electric Bass:  Kiyo Tahara
Acoustic Bass: Alan Gleason
Accordion and Fiddle:  Jim Ediger
Electric Guitar on “HU”: Kei Takasugi
Percussion arrangement and performance:  Kikuko Yasui
Harmonica:  Matthew Skoller

Backing Vocals on the songs “Love the Music”,
“The New York Song”, “Please Try” and “Room Full of Mirrors”
Performed and recorded by RiMaNi (Anthony Fowler), Washington, DC.

What’s Keeping Me Going Production:
Musical Producer: Seiki Kitano

Recorded at Bang On Recordings, Tokyo

Recorded and mixed by Seiki Kitano (Bang On Recordings)
Mastered by Keiko Ueda at MTC Mastering, Tokyo

What’s Keeping Me Going Tracklisting:

What’s Keeping Me Going
Please Try
Love the Music
Room Full of Mirrors (Featuring Jim Ediger)
Hu (Featuring Kei Takasugi)
Twilight Breeze
The New York Song
Here I Am (Music by JW Hammond)
For the Turnstiles (Neil Young)
On the Verge

Styles: Acid Folk, Jazz-Rock, Singer/Songwriter