Arrested Development Is Back and I Peed

The show that is all about inside and pop culture references is back just in time for a lazy Memorial Day Weekend. And it’s not Family Guy.  I was so giddy over seeing the return of Arrested Development on Netflix, I did let go of a little pee. I feel a little bad for our suede couch. Actually it’s the roommate’s couch and this is my way of telling him about the urine. Sorry, buddy.

Wiig, Rogen and creator Mitchell Hurwitz – yeah, it’s like that

Arrested Development is one of those shows where you either love it or you hate. Kind of like Portlandia for the socially awkward. Okay, exactly like Portlandia only with a bigger cast and more diverse nerd audience.

This groundbreaking show is a hero in the cult TV show world because of its, “I really don’t give a shit what you think about our non-formulaic plot” approach.

The show also blazed the trail for shows such as 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation and Community. Although you can also say that so did the British Office. Without the two shows, TV might look a little bit different. Think a sea of ishy feelings every week night for decades until you snap.

I get it when people don’t get it. Arrested Development is a quirky show and in the words of Amy Poehler about something else entirely, “I don’t fucking care if you like it.”

I didn’t get Lost and lost interest. See what I didn’t do there? Many people find my GOB chicken impression zero funny. It’s fucking okay if you don’t like. It’s okay because there is plenty of other crap to watch where they solve  a crime in half an hour or there’s an after school meaning that has no real social validity. Okay? Okay?

Let’s also talk about Netflix. It’s that old HBO story where they offerered mostly obscure to lame titles. You had because it had something interesting to play for background noise and then BLAMMO! Sopranos.  I kept Netflix around after ditching cable because between Hulu and Netflix, I pay $18 to watch stuff. I don’t pay nearly $200 for dookie I don’t care about. I’m also one of those al la carte viewers. I have Apple TV and will cherry pick stuff I want to watch, Dr. Who, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, Pretty in Pink (what?) etc.

Hale and Walter as Buster and Lucille – I peed

Having Netflix jump into the breach is cool right now and a relief. Netflix streaming was starting to look like one of those dive bars in 70s Boston where people wore itchy turtlenecks and smoked opium from their pipes over Schlitz Dark. I have no idea what I meant either.

Let’s celebrate the good decision of Netflix to pick up this amaze balls show. Well, before they ruin it all because that’s what over guessing and greed does to every good idea.

Still, Netflix seems headed in the right direction after their rate fuck-up last year. They made good by reversing their boneheaded decision, they gave us House of Cards and now this move with Arrested.

For the record, I stuck around during the rate screw up. I stuck around when Instagram shat the bed with their sharing clause. Why? Because I’m lazy. I still have plans to participate in Occupy Wall Street if it comes by my house this summer on a weekend when I’m not doing something and it’s not raining and there’s parking. Occupy Wall Street’s still a thing, right?

I’m heartened by the Arrested Development deal because any entity that has the balls to bring back the beloved show can’t truly suck. At least for now.

I’m not entirely through the show. I just got through the first three episodes but I can say that the scene with Buster letting Lucille blow smoke into his mouth is the reason why I have to get our couch steam cleaned. It’s wrong and hilarious. So much of the show is delightfully wrong and all of it is hilarious.

Trust me. Start from the beginning and let it wash over you. You’ll look up the references on Google. You’ll grow some brain cells. You’ll like it. Or you’re a moron. I’m so so sorry. I’m sorry you’re so stupid.

I’m trying to fight off sitting down and watching the rest of the season in one big gulp. This show has been canceled and threatened with cancelation so much, I want to savor each episode. It’s like going to a Marily Manson concert. This could be the last time.