Argo and a Case for Dysentery

Lisa Waugh

I’m just as shocked as the next guy to discover that Ben Affleck is not a terrible director. I thought maybe The Town was a fluke. Maybe it’s too good to be true, a good looking guy who can write and direct. Tells you where my confidence level is, huh.

I had zero idea about the plot of Argo. I prefer it that way. I try to never have expectation. So you probably shouldn’t click on that link to the film’s name.

Also, since I’ve been with my boyfriend, we’ve had a terrible track record seeing films in the theatre. People talking, phones, people sitting in the aisles playing with their kids, people on crack, you know, the usual…

So we chose a matinee on a weekday and found the exact time we will see all future films. Just us and the gray haired set, quietly enjoying a film. In fact, I was the only laughter during the entire movie and it was at a WGA joke. Either they are members or they are older and politer than me. Or deaf.

When I worked for CNN, I was already familiar with the Iran hostage story and was part of a live shot for Terry Anderson one strange night. But I didn’t know about the other hostages.  I know a few close friends who had to flee Iran after the Shah’s rule was over. Many of them ended up in Switzerland and many more made their way to Los Angeles.

Don’t spoil it for yourself, though. Go in cold and you’ll have a much better time.

The film is well made and ultimately very entertaining but I have to say it nearly gave me dysentery. The film made me so anxious (because I didn’t know what actually happened to those people in real life) that I nearly shat in my seat.

Maybe I have some unaddressed health issues and should lay off the Whoppers. Maybe it was just a reaction to the tension. In either case, Affleck does a fine job of pulling the string tight.

Also, it’s always nice when they don’t pull together an awesome cast and make a shit movie. They had some great names, John Goodman, Alan Arkin, Bryan Cranston… Coach from Friday Night Lights and they didn’t make an Elmore Leonard adaptation straight up mess of it.

“Argo fuck yourself…”

Goodman and Arkin are my favorites, playing two Hollywood insiders who still have enough heart and pluck to participate in a ruse.

It was a great afternoon at the movies even though later I had a really disturbing sex dream featuring John Goodman and a bucket of hot wings.