Arden and the Wolves: Who Can You Trust

Arden and the Wolves: Who Can You Trust

By Lisa Waugh

Arden Leigh brings the magic on her new record Who Can You Trust, literally. Along with the Wolves, Leigh has packed the five-track EP with her experience in the art of healing. Leigh conjures a post-traumatic future with her powerful voice and steady lyrical hand. As a spellcraft practitioner, Leigh sees each song as a powerful tool to guide and transform.

Leigh describes Who Can You Trust this way:
“This EP is a magickal working designed to impart healing, discernment, justice, transformation, necessary grieving, and ultimately wholeness and return to universal love to anyone who wishes to use it intentionally for those aims. I’ve included some spells and rituals in the digital booklet in order to assist with those intentions, but my hope is that it weaves healing into the collective organically. Lord knows we need it.”

Who Can You Trust is also a lot of fun. Leigh’s voice has a Pat Benatar edge as she rips through the lead track. She soars on “Poison Heart” and “The Death of Me.” Arden and the Wolves spin the magic overall on this one.

“In the end, you are the gift. The difference is the medium, not the message. What people are inspired by is someone who is staying true to their heart and expressing themselves authentically, and you can do that in any form.” – Arden Leigh

Who Can You Trust Tracklisting:
1. Who Can You Trust
2. Another Year of Rain
3. Tango (The Girl Who Never Was)
4. Poison Heart
5. The Death of Me

Arden Leigh – Vocals
Nick Mason – Drums
Rick Brandt – Bass
Marko Jankovic – Guitar

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