April Martin: In the Blink of a Life

By Lisa Waugh

Good hearted with a biting wit, April Martin’s steadily-paced In the Blink of a Life hits all the high and low notes of a life well lived. Whether she’s singing about love or death, Martin keeps her sense of self and humor in tact, never giving into cynicism, but definitely winking at the darkness. This particular and unique angle is the light of Martin’s record.

Her charm is a mix of zero self-pity and a new way to talk about ourselves and our experiences. The singer songwriter has an innate ability to tap into those elusive and gray emotions, neither black nor white.

Martin’s voice has the edge of Emmylou Harris, tinged with a Leonard Cohen sardonic twist. But again, just a twist. She doesn’t sand bag her listener down with heaviness. Instead, you’re invited to look over a spread of thoughts and emotions from above. The bird’s eye view puts things into perspective.

Across the 13 tracks of In the Blink of a Life, Martin is hopeful, hilarious, gritty, and the tough angel you want greeting you from a long day’s journey into night.

Standout tracks:
“Life Is Good”
“The Party’s In Full Swing”
“While I’m Waiting”
“Heart Break Doesn’t Come”

April Martin – Vocals, guitar, flute
Peter Calo – Guitars, backup vocals
Chris Marshak – Drums
Susan Didrichsen – Backup vocal
Norbert Goldberg – Percussion

Produced by Peter Calo
Mixed by Peter Calo
Mastered by Scott Hull

1. One Breath
2. Heart Break Doesn’t Come
3. My Rock and My Rain
4. While I’m Waiting
5. Looking Back
6. Everyday I Love You More
7. Would You Let Me In
8. Sara’s Lullaby
9. All I’ve Got
10. One Part Truth
11. The Party’s In Full Swing
12. Life Is Good
13. Praise the Morning