APE|MEN’s Debut EP ‘Zero’ Is One of the Best Things to Happen Since The Fall of the Iron Curtain

Ah, yeah, buddy. APE|MEN are here to make the world a better, thrashier, indie electronica place with their new EP Zero. As if Devo crashed landed into Nine Inch Nail’s sacrificial ceremony and rave, this band is a ride to the funky and weird side of town. APE MEN

Having spent the majority of their time playing on the club circuit of Eastern Europe, APE|MEN have concocted an exquisite chaos in a very specific lab. Although they seem to be very aware of the world at large, the band have preserved the sound that can only come from their native region. No one from Iowa is capable of making this music.

Zero is a bold start for APE|MEN. Each track sounds ready for radio, an intricate mix of light and dark yet highly enjoyable and irresistable. “Pictionary” is an awesome, synthy song with techno soul. “Bye-Bye Devil” is  seriously engaging, cinematic in its scope. “Up Is the New Bottom” is gritty with a satisfying heaviness. “Cash” is a stand out track, crashing along with razor-like precision, evoking the 80s in the U.K. and the U.S. “Zero” is a dark and glittering track, conjuring something from the depths, eery and beautiful, blistering with Moog bursts.

The record is cleanly produced with each track sparsely populated musically with just the right touches of synthesizer, percussion and techno FX. And the work is flexible. APE|MEN’s music easily adapts from the club to the festival stage.

Hopefully, we’ll see this band running loose across the continents soon. But right now, APE|MEN can come right to your headphones, laying down those synthy beats and making the day a little brighter and darker all at once.

APE|MEN Members/Instruments:
Bobby Cheshirkov – Vocals, guitar
Ivo Chalakov – Guitar, vocals
Petar Samanliev – Computers & gadgets

Zero Production:
Composed by Ivo Chalakov
Lyrics by Bobby Cheshirkov
Co-produced by Ivo Chalakov & Petar Samnaliev
Arranged by APE|MEN
Mixed by Petar Samanliev & Ivo Chalakov
Mastered by Plamen Yotov

Zero Tracklisting:
1. Pictionary
2. Bye-Bye Devil
3. Up Is the New
4. Cash
5. Zero Pictionary