Anne Steele Is A Strong New Voice For the LGBT Community

Anne Steele’s new EP What’s Mine may seem light out of the gate but… do not be mistaken. She’s packing some heavy messaging in those buoyant melodies. Steele is a favorite with music fans who champion the LGBT community and she’s just as keen on getting out the message of equality as Kelly Clarkson, Pink and Jessie J. And it’s not surprising. Steele is a polished and accomplished cabaret singer from NYC whose nationwide tours have drawn larger audiences with each show.

With What’s Mine, every track is ready for the arena with Steele’s soaring voice perfect for the front row or the nosebleeds. Infectious, raucous, and radio friendly, What’s Mine is a truly impressive debut.

“What’s Mine” is a deceivingly perky track that is really an excellent coming out anthem. “Worst I Ever Had” is a wonderful get-your-shit-and-get-out track everyone should have ready for tossing that no count fool to the curb. “Tough” is also one of those tracks that is pure, dance delight and ready for a full scale choreographed number.

“Without You Tonight” is a gorgeous, bouncy song where Steele really gets to shine. It’s deliciously 80s too. “Shadow of You”  demonstrates that she’s ready to take the main stage. Excellent lyrics, beautifully sung, and produced. Damn, girl.

And then there’s “Don’t Tell Us How To Love” to close out the EP. The track is an even bigger LGBT anthem.

It’s wonderful to see artists directly addressing the community and relating to kids and teens that need to know they are not alone. Powerful work.

Anne Steele (all vox)

What’s Mine Production:
Erik James and Kevin Benoit (Producers, mixed and mastered)

What’s Mine Tracklisting:
1. What’s Mine
2. Worst I Ever Had
3. Tough
4. Without You Tonight
5. Shadow Of You
6. Don’t Tell Us How To Love


Styles: pop, rock, dance, dance-pop