Anne-Simone’s Cool & Nerdy ‘Bittersweet’

What you need to know about Anne-Simone is that she’s got a big brain. And that her music will remind you of Kate Bush, Cyndi LauperSinéad O’Connor with a dash of Bjork. Those things are reasons to pop her new record Bittersweet into your iTunes.

You’ll instantly hear the binary code running between the dramatic landscapes and winding streets of passion and general awesome nerdery. A good example of this is on “Digitize Me.” Anne-Simone says that this piece as well as the whole of Bittersweet is a combination of woman and machine. “I was pondering on this well known quote ‘programs must be written for people to read and only incidentally for machines to execute.’”BitterSweet CD Cover

Anne-Simone used this idea quite literally she says. “And I may also have been pondering on the wonderful complexity of being human and wishing sometimes we could be as simple as a computer program that ultimately boils down to 1s and 0s, true or false, yes or no.”

The singer/songwriter believes that the musical keyboard and the computer keyboard are intertwined. She’s also a software designer so Bittersweet was an opportunity to bring two worlds together. It’s a hoot when we hear vintage printer sound fx  in “Digitize Me.” I’m a sucker for that kind of ironic/not ironic thing.

She combines her machine/music mantra with an altruistic philosophy and it is this that makes for a pleasant and rich ride. Hopeful, energetic and quirky, the record is oddly soothing.

I’d offer Bittersweet up as a wonderful resource for an indie film score. The tracks lend themselves to cinematic landscapes such as “Gone So Long” and the title track “Bittersweet.” There are also traveling pieces such as “Let the Heart” and “Fire Rainbow” which is the best name of a song probably ever. Like ever.

I really wish that Anne-Simone had named this record Fire Rainbow. I think I’m a little obsessed with that notion. I want to see Bill Murray in a Wes Anderson film with this song playing in the background. And that, my friends, is a stamp of approval.

Get the code/lyrics of Bittersweet on GitHub

Bittersweet Tracklisting:

Digitize Me
Gone So Long
Let The Heart
Fire Rainbow

Music and lyrics: Anne-Simone
Co-produced by: Steve Fisk and Anne-Simone
Mixing and engineering: Steve Fisk
Mastering: Steve Turnidge