Andy Michaels: Revisited

By Lisa Waugh

Andy Michaels gets compared to a lot of artists from Eric Clapton to Cat Stevens. Even I found myself thinking he sounded a lot like Rod Stewart at times on his latest album Revisited, but Michaels doesn’t need any help in that department. Capable of standing on his own creative merit, Michaels is an astute lyricist and musician. And what he delivers on Revisited is nothing short of astounding.

Andy Michaels has put together a gorgeous and uplifting album that also captures longing, loss, and acceptance. The emotional tracks make Revisited feel like a pop opera of sorts. Featured performer Kerrie Ironside adds a strong through line to the stories with her soulfully powerful voice, a nice contrast to Michaels’s quiet edge. Producer Andy Court lends a masterful touch to the project, helping create a work of manifest honesty.

Revisited is a welcome respite from the current climate, even though Michaels tackles some tough subjects as well. He just does it with a talented hand. His measured and steady approach along with the tranquil tone make this album a top download for 2018.

Revisited Track List:
1. Today’s Tomorrow
2. Angel (Ft. Kerrie Ironside)
3. Just Because U Love Someone (Andy & Kerrie)
4. When I Close my Eyes
5. I Just want to be the One
6. I’ll Be Alright (Loving You)
7. Will There Be Love (Ft. Kerrie Ironside)
8. Where are you Now
9. Home (Radio Edit)
10. Back to Me
11.White Lies (Ft. Kerrie Ironside)
12. Lucretia’s Eylandt (Ft. Sharon Court)
13. Angel (With Choir / Ft. Kerrie Ironside)

Producer: Andy Court

Andy Michaels – Vocals, guitars
Andy Court – Backing vocals, keyboard
Sharon Court – Vocals, backing vocals
Kerrie Ironside – Vocals, backing vocals