Andy Evans’ Miracle is No Accident

By Lisa Waugh
Andy Evans creates a funky, pop world that will take you all the way to end of blues town. The Austin musician is comfortable riding between a few genres and making the resulting tracks irresistible. His voice is part of the draw. Evans can turn a phrase or leave some space. This is an artist who knew exactly what he wanted to put in the time to create what seems so easy to an audience. He’s also good enough to earn the respect of other talented musicians who are more than happy to be a part of his new record, Miracle.

Miracle starts out easy enough with an intro that feels as though Evans is tuning into his channel. Or channeling the music from a distant and mysterious source. The title track is the radio ready tune. It’s light and easy. Easing you into the journey to come. It slips right into a ponderous tune “45” about time and choices. That weird trick that time plays. “Lessoned Learned” is full of quiet power. It’s the close of the end night arena ballad.

“Shape of Love” is stop down for a night of zydeco, the street full of friends and spirits. A proper country crossover tune that would impress any audience. Evans gets his metal cod piece out for the oh so rock “Judas.” We get a nice crunchy, entrance theme for a proper good looking villain.

“I Wish She Was Mine” is that rain-soaked heartbreak song you might need to wring out those mean reds. Does the trick with or without tequila. He wants her. She’s out of reach. Shit. And beautifully said and played by Evans.

“Elemental” takes us to church, specifically vocal church, and shows off the powerhouse that is Evans’ voice. He can be as big as the song or stand back and let it take him, and us, along. In this case, it’s an even match. “Make It” is a sort of dusty border town street blues of a track. Evans may be ambling away from us as the credits roll but we’re certain there will be a sequel. He’ll definitely live to fight another day.

Production: Nick Jay

Miracle Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Miracle
3. 45
4. Lesson Learned
5. Shape Of Love
6. Judas
7. I wish She Was Mine
8. Elemental
9. Make It