Anaconda Limousine’s Debut Record Will Pick You Up

by Lisa Waugh

Anaconda Limousine

Besides having one of the best band names we’ve seen in a long time, Anaconda Limousine is a refreshing surprise. All at once sounding like Hendrix, The Beatles, and some upstart punk band, Anaconda Limousine’s self-titled record is a huge ear treat.anaconda_limousine

The SoCal band is made up of Steve Weinberg on vocals and many instruments, David Epstein on bass “from time to time,” Stoyan Stefanov on guitar, Avery Weinberg lending a hand on vocals, and Zak Weinberg mostly at the drum kit.

It’s a surprising sound from a group that might look a bunch of family hobbyists. But that assessment would be wrong. Dead wrong.

Besides a couple of misfit tracks, Anaconda Limousine is a powerful record. The album is full of energy and good vibes and it’s also extremely well written and produced. You can hear the work that went into each song. It’s a very strong debut.

Anaconda Limousine Track review: 

“Virus” is Nirvana-ish in its melody and a strange way to get started but… all right. It’s not my favorite track but it’s heavy, desert-tripping imagery works. The track makes Anaconda Limousine sound old/new. It’s weird.

“Yesterday” kicks off the alum and is an arena-sounding anthem track that could have been written in any of the last three eras. Freaking awesome.

“All For You” is the ballad of an owner of a broken heart, which we hear is much better than the owner of a lonely heart. Seriously, nice track but probably not the strongest on a very strong album but it does showcase lead singer Steve Weinberg’s vocal adroitness.

“Damage” is such a wonderful little storytelling tune. Weinberg’s voice conjures a little Roger Daltry.

“Everyday” sounds like a completely different approach, light, infectious and worthy of a soundtrack somewhere. Anaconda Limousine truly shine here.

“Girl” shows that the band knows how to craft a ballad. Gorgeous piano and strings coupled with a fine harmony, the track is a stand out.

Anaconda Limousine’s cover of “Fool On The Hill” is quite satisfying with Weinberg’s voice doing its own thing and not trying to copy McCartney.

“Faultline” is a little early ’80s Elvis Costello and Madness all at the same time. Big fun.

“Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow” closes out the record and does a fine job of it.

Anaconda Limousine… another reason we only review the bands we like and why you should put his one in your rotation. Do your ears a favor and take a ride with them.

Anaconda Limousine Members:

Zakary Weinberg – Drums, Keyboard, Backing Vocals (was 14 at the time of the album’s recording)
Steve Weinberg – Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Shaker
Stoyan Stefanov – Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo
Avery Weinberg – backing vocals (was 9 at the time of the album’s recording)
David Epstein – Bass, Backing Vocals

Anaconda Limousine Tracklisting:

All For You
Fool On The Hill
Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow