American High: Bones in the Attic, Flowers in the Basement

By Stephen Chow

Yeah, American High is going in the rotation. Now, I gotta tell you. They are going to feel like some other bands to you but they are also going to feel like their own thing. They have a point of view. Like a real one. They’re not borrowing anyone else’s stance or take. And American High knows how to write the hell out of a song. 

Bones in the Attic, Flowers in the Basement is weird, poignant, witty, surfy, Beatlesque, R.E.M.-y, Ween-y, and political. There’s a song “1.17.61” that I’ve been playing a lot. That track and “September” point to the bands’ opinion about America’s hard-on for forcing their policies on other nations. By the way, January 17, 1961 is the date of Eisenhower’s farewell speech as president in which he expresses his concern for the expanding military-industrial complex.

There’s romance too. And break-ups. And adventures. And zen. Come for the catchy tunes, stay for the enlightenment and life tips. There’s not a weak track on this debut album. Did I mention that they pulled off all of this juicy magic on their first record?

American High. That’s what’s up.


1. Fairfield, CA
2. Moon
3. Pretty Baby
4. Sister, Don’t Believe It
5. September
6. Sensei
7. 1.17.61
8. Bunny
9. Test Pilot
10. Warm Words Flow
11. I Can’t Change
12. Forgive+Forget You
13. Berty’s Never Gone

D.T. – Rhythm guitar
E.S. – Lead guitar
F.M. – Bass
T.M. – Drums

American High produced the record.
It was recorded and mixed by Joe Johnson of Pus Cavern Studios in Sacramento.