Alexandra’s “Criminal”

By Mathew Tieke

Alexandra Murat discovered some of the best music on the planet in her small town of Armidale in New South Wales, Australia where the radio played a few top hits on repeat. Her parents were on it. They exposed their daughter to Fleetwood Mac, INXS, AC/DC, Michael Jackson, ABBA, Peter Frampton, Pink Floyd, Olivia Newton-John, Rick Springfield, and Neil Diamond. With influences like that, you’ve got a solid head start.

Long family trips up the country’s coast were packed with hours of absorbing music, styles, and taking in all of the nuances of truly talented people. People who had to invent themselves and were not manufactured by a label.

Although Alexandra’s new single “Criminal” has a decidedly Rihanna/Beyoncé element to it, there’s something unique radiating out. The track certainly showcases the young artist’s impressive voice. She’s backed by an experienced band and producer Keith Olsen. She sounds and feels confident. There’s something going on here.

It’s tough to stand out in today’s world of super voices. With diligence, Alexandra will have no issue there.

Drums: Keith Olsen, Ian Vandermolen
Guitars: JJ Farris
Keys and Electronics: Kristjan Bild
Bass : Ariane Cap
Percussion and loops: Stephanie Alexandra Murat
Lead Vocals: Stephanie Alexandra Murat

Keith Olsen of Pogologo Productions and Stuart Epps