Alarma: World Ignition

By Stephen Chow

Alarma is my new fav. This Northeast LA band brings together Latin Cumbia, Reggae, ska, African, and Middle Eastern flavors to their latest record World Ignition. There are eight bomb tracks to move, drink, surf, drive, or relax to. Hell, I don’t dance and even I was flinging myself around.

World Ignition is a driving, riveting, and energetic album featuring the band’s knack for creating new fans with just one track. You could pick any of these and see what I mean. The track that pops the most for me is “Cumbia Step.” It best lays down what Alarma is all about. It bounces, trips, and rips along. Can’t get it out of my head.

But really all of these tracks are banging. That’s why World Ignition is in heavy rotation.

I like the fact that Alarma started out as an “experimental Latin rock project in the vein of Santana and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs” and kept on from there. They’ve found something only they could make. Fresh, infectious, the shit. Whatever you want to call their genre, there’s no other band out there like them.

I truly enjoy Pedro Martinez’s voice. It’s got such a unique quality. The music is all of the things described above but there’s also a nerdy quality to it. It’s hard to explain, really. You just gotta listen.

World Ignition Tracklisting:

1. Fire
2. In Your Mind
3. Chaingang
4. Wanna Go Home
5. Turn the Knob
6. Negra Tomasa
7. Paradise
8. Cumbia Step


Pedro Martinez
Alessandro Morosin
Greg Panos
Eduardo Sandoval

Musicians playing on World Ignition:
Pedro Martinez – Lead vocals, guitars, keyboard
Alessandro Morosin – Guitars, backup vocals
Richard Esparza: Bass (tracks 1-4, 6, 7). Back up vocals track 7
Eduardo Sandoval: Drums and percussion (tracks 1,3, 4, 6, 7)
Rito Fonseca: Drums (tracks 2 and 5)
Ulises Rodriguez: Accordion (track 8)

Track 6 by Guillermo Rodriguez Fiffe (English translation by Pedro Martinez)
All other songs by Martinez/Morosin
Mixed and Engineered by Jeff Raly (Live at the Raylz studio, Orange, CA)
Produced by Pedro Martinez and Jeff Rayl
Mastered by Digiprep Mastering, Silverlake