Ajay Mathur’s Wild Ride with ‘9 to 3’

Ajay Mathur : 9 to 3
By Antiem Boyd

ajay-mathurWho’s up for a little Jimmy Buffett and George Harrison via Ajay Mathur? Mathur’s new record 9 to 3 is an impressive 15-track album. Parts country, Americana, and old school Southern rock, Mathur demonstrates that he’s a talented songwriter. The songs run the gamut from upbeat to heavy but all very entertaining.

There’s something relentlessly urgent about Mathur’s voice and the tracks themselves. There’s no real era to nail down within 9 to 3. Bossa nova to ballads, lighthearted to dark, Mathur provides the listener with a wide range of moods to choose from.

The standout tracks on the record are probably “Oh Angel” (the tune is laden with sitar) and “View From the Top,” with a little Rolling Stones riff in there. There’s also “I Song,” an anthem of sorts that sticks with you. “Sleepy Moments” feels very ‘70s, lightly funky. His near homage to Lou Reed on “Surfing Girl (Cyber Monday Mix)” is much appreciated.

The best track on the record is “I Mantra,” gorgeous and flowing as if the Kinks were on a trip to India. This particular track is where Mathur truly stands out. I would listen to an entire record of this kind of blend of Indian influence, rap, bollyrock, and soundtrack. It’s pretty amazing.

Mathur’s voice may not be the strongest but he commits and his conviction is infectious. Overall, 9 to 3 is a funky, fun, and sincere musical ride.

Members / Instruments:
Fausto Medici (Drums, Percussion),
Christian Winiker (Guitars),
Richard Hugener (Bass),
Ajay Mathur (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards)

Production: Ajay Mathur

9 to 3 Tracklisting:
Sitting By Your Cradle
Walking On The Water
Nothing Really Matters
Latin Lover
Oh Angel
My World (SOS To The Universe)
View From The Top
Tell Me Why Do I Still Love You
I Song
All Up To Vanity
Love Madness
Sleepy Moments
Password Love
Surfing Girl (Cyber Monday Mix)
I Mantra

All songs written by Ajay Mathur, except “Sitting By Your Cradle” and “Love Madness” music by Ajay Mathur and lyrics by Mary Lou von Wyl and Ajay Mathur.

Heartfelt thanks to:
Mary Lou von Wyl, Fausto Medici, Richard Hugener, Christian Winiker, Richard Koechli, Marco Jencarelli, Steve Birrer, Lindsay Buffington, Adriana Husy and Patrizia Scarnato, Rupak Pandit, Kalyanjit Das and Sandip Ghosh, Adrian Wiss, Pablo Voegtli, Mike Malloth, Lorenzo Medici and Mara Lustenberger, Exist Laze, Simon D. Sanders, Rahel Kobelt and The School Choir Schwyz*, Tirza Matter, Laurena Marrone, Feren von Wyl, and Mojo

Recorded and mixed by Ajay Mathur at The Lounge, Stans
Mastered by Marco Jencarelli at Soundfarm, Lucerne
No autotune technology used on this album. All music composed, played and sung by real people.

Artwork by Tirza Matter, oil on metal plate
Design by Ajay Mathur
Published by Mainstreet Publishing, SUISA