Adam Winn

By Stephen Chow

Adam Winn reminds me of a character out of novel where people live off the land and sit around fires telling stories and singing songs about harsh weather, fair maidens, and huge mythic animals, only Adam Winn is a real guy. Do pardon my run-on sentence.

The singer songwriter takes real life and spins into music I can mainly describe as comforting, never landing on a false note or sentiment. You want to have a beer with Adam Winn. Or help him clear dead wood in the back 40 or scale fish, possibly set up a zipline.

The classically trained and self-taught musician spends his time making music and serving as a firefighter in his Fort St. John community in British Columbia. I don’t want to depict Winn as some he-man. I don’t know him. I’m just telling you what comes to mind when I listen. It’s all good.

His music also tells me he’s got a lock on the important things. Family, his partner, and friends. He’s also Canadian. So, even better.

His latest self-titled EP offers up five hearty tracks that cover things we’ve all pondered around a fire or two. And Winn is a natural music maker. He invites the listener into the circle. It’s a good place to be.

Directed by Jess Greene

“Better Friends”
from Fireside Sessions

Dave Tolley – Drums
Adam Winn – Acoustic, bass, and vocals
Production: Self produced

Engineered and Recorded at OCL Studios Calgary, AB
Mixed by Russel Eggleston with Sound in Town Studio, Fort St John, BC
Mastered at Suite Sound Labs Vancouver BC

Adam Winn Tracklisting:
1. Creston
2. Burnout
3. Better Friends
4. You Are
5. Always You