A Tour Inside Ransom Scenery’s ‘Ear to Ear’


Drew Lowery and Chaepter Negro

Ransom Scenery: Ear to Ear

By Lisa Waugh

Very Bjork-like and pure dreamy surrealism, Ransom Scenery’s latest record Ear to Ear is certainly a step into its own space. Very much into dream rock and avant garde around here but this album escapes even that classification. The seeming lack of boundaries belies the irony in crafting this music. It takes a lot of discipline to sound so free.

Ransom Scenery amazingly only needs two people to make all of this beautiful noise. Chaepter Negro and Drew Lowery dive right into every angle, the highs and lows of every possible mood. It seems as though Ear to Ear was created in a trance.

No one needs to figure out where it comes from, the music on Ear to Ear exists as an elixir to cure the common sell-out music one finds at every turn. Ransom Scenery is a huge gulp of fresh air in an other stale industry. Nicely done.

Standby for more excellent things to come out of this band.

Ear to Ear track review:

That Bjorkiness/Alt-Jness is very much present on “Slowly Spinning,” a Melancholia like march toward beautiful doom.
“Driplove” is an irresistible track, gorgeous really.
“My Golden Shield” is more avante garde but still appealing with an ‘80s gleem but Steve Reich angles.
“Just Tour” is an urgent, cool chase track filled with many tempos and edges.
“Unconditional” boils and burns.
“Holozoic” is the party and the drive home, if you lived in Stockholm.
“Gasm of the Heart (knuckle gloves)” is part soundtrack, part entrance music for David Bowie.
“All My” is simply amazing. A flowing and ethereal track with many levels and moods within.
“Pop Scripture” is a staff favorite just for best song title. The track itself doesn’t disappoint. Conjuring a love or protagonist death scene in a spy movie.

“Slow Scenery” music video

Ear to Ear Tracklisting:
1. Slowly Spinning
2. Driplove
3. My Golden Shield
4. Just Tour
5. Unconditional
6. Holozoic
7. Gasm of the Heart
8. All My
9. Pop Scripture

Ransom Scenery Members / Instruments:
Chaepter Negro-Piano, vocals, mandolin, cello
Drew Lowery-drums and percussion
Production:Drew Lowey and Chaepter Negro