A Must Listen: Elessar Thiessen’s A Rainy Week In Paradise

By Lisa Waugh

Elessar Thiessen isn’t kidding around even though he appears to be a gentle soul. His music packs a wonderful punch. “Another Love Song” is a rainy love song. It’s a gorgeous rainy love song to boot. It’s a terrific track on Thiessen’s new album A Rainy Week in Paradise. Thiessen sounds like Amy Winehouse and Ed Sheeran at the same time. There’s a John Mayer and Jason Mraz thing going on. Mostly, Thiessen’s voice is all his own. His voice has a purred edge.

Every track is radio ready, beautifully produced, and not easily forgotten. The entire record stays with you. Thiessen’s songwriting has a highly accessible, universal scope. There’s something for every mood and most occasions. Full of crisp acoustic guitars, languid jazz licks (found most notably on “You Girl”), and Thiessen’s voice floating above it all. About that track, featuring Alexa Dirks. Pure excellence.

There’s a loose breezy feel to the tracks. As if creating each song were effortless. This is probably why Thiessen wins hearts and minds with musicians as well as fans. The Canadian singer-songwriter is not brand new to music but each record, this is his third, feels fresh. Music making is definitely in his blood.

Thiessen is a huge talent.

Stand Out Tracks:

“Another Love Song”
“I Need a Woman”
“Lover Dear”
“You Girl (feat. Alexa Dirks)”
“A Rainy Week in Paradise”
“The Perfect Bloom”

You Girl (feat. Alexa Dirks)

Members / Instruments: (For the album)
Cam Friesen – Drums, Percussion
Brody Britton – Percussion
David Landreth – Bass
Jordan Jackiew – Organ/Piano on Track 5
Alexa Dirks – Vocals on Track 5
Catherine Wylee – Supporting Vocals on Track 3
Elessar Thiessen – Vocals, Guitar, Organ, Piano, Programming

A Rainy Week in Paradise Production:
Produced and Engineered by Elessar Thiessen
Vocals Engineered by Jordan Jackiew
Mixed and Mastered by Jordan Jackiew
Album Artwork and Design by Jadyn Klassen

The he supporting vocals on track 3 “Lover Dear” were sung by Catherine Wylee. Bass on the album was play by David Landreth. Drums were played by Cam Friesen. All remaining Vocals, Guitars, Organ, Piano and Programming were performed by Elessar. Mixing and mastering was done by Jordan Jackiew.
A Rainy Week in Paradise Tracklisting:
1. Another Love Song
2. I Need a Woman
3. Lover Dear
4. I Don’t Wanna Go
5. You Girl (feat. Alexa Dirks)
6. When the World Ends
7. Without Him
8. Truth
9. A Rainy Week in Paradise
10. Sister
11. The Perfect Bloom