Snatch Magnet: Intelligent Vagina Rock With a Hint of Butt Metal

Lisa Waugh

When you call your band Snatch Magnet, you’re heavily betting on people’s sense of humor. You are probably also prepared for a backlash from those who generally don’t like what the word “snatch” conjures (me, I see a shirtless Brad Pitt with a Tinker’s accent whizzing in front of a caravan and for some random reason, eating a mini pecan pie) while also attracting the attention of a few creepy dudes who throw same sex, dry humping parties up in Frazier Park. The band actually delights in all of that, being connoisseurs of dry humping from the way back (I’m assuming).

Albeit not same sex, we thought dry humping was best demonstrated this way

In fact, they celebrate any attention heaped upon them whether it be from a purest fan, swaying in reverence at a show or a drunk girl spilling out of their former drummer’s room (a regular occurrence I’m told) raving on about how awesome last night was and throwing devil horns with her left hand as she paws around under the sofa with her right hand for her Hello Kitty panties.

Los Angeles-based Snatch Magnet’s music is best described as rock, pop and what its lead singer calls “butt metal.” Take that how you will. Their music reveals hints of thrash, opera, funk and catchy ass pop. You can hear their music here and watch one of their more popular videos The Widow.

Josh Weekley

Its members are a merry group of guys quite content with mixed messages, sloppy kisses and warped but sincere devotion. What they’re razor sharp about, though, is their dedication to music and the future of their band. Despite their Flying J trucker hat name, these guys are a bunch of eggheads whose efforts are finally paying off.

Snatch Magnet is:

Josh Weekley – Vocals
Igal Kaplun – Guitar
Adam Dodson
– Bass
Steve Benton – Guitar
Dallas Ebara
– Drums (the new guy, not the ONS searching for panties guy)

A Night at Snatch Manor

Recently, I talked with Weekley, Kaplun and Benton in the backyard of their massive two-story home in Sherman Oaks. The house, christened Snatch Manor (of course), has a Brady Bunch with a dash of German Munsters vibe.

Steve Benton

The older Jewish neighbors suspiciously eye the steady stream of black clad, tattooed fans and fellow musicians, wondering if Comic-Con and Vlad the Impaler have bought the house up the street. The band frequently throws parties at their sprawling “manor” featuring Southern, Kick Ass BBQ and Russian food as Weekley is from Alabama, Benton is from the Midwest and Texas and Kaplun is from the Ukraine with some time spent in Israel.

And although a Snatch Magnet show and after party is rife with scantily clad lady shapes, most of the band is in a committed relationship. Still, they promote and fulfill accessibility without offering up their schlongs. This works as fans seem to truly love these guys.

As a writer, it’s easy to like them because besides being lovable smartasses, sincere, and whip smart, they are also apologetic when repeatedly knocking over my recorder  during our interview.

Tune in tomorrow for my sit down with Snatch Magnet on the eve of their show at the House of Blues LA at 8430 Sunset Boulevard.

Igal Kaplun

Tickets are free and the band is, once again, going to freak out the conservative neighbors with a massive after show party inviting you all to join in. I’m told there are plenty of places to face plant safely after imbibing. I will probably never know as I’m a control freak who prefers to vomit in the safety of my own backyard.

Note: So far, police haven’t been dispatched to the Snatch Manor during one of these legendary parties. Reason being, and we’ll get into it tomorrow with Part 2 of my interview, these seemingly full-o-mayhem musicians are fairly responsible.

In Part 2 of my talk with Snatch Magnet, find out about: 

  • Kaplun’s exposure to Seal and Nazareth
  • Weekley’s secret he keeps from his family
  • Benton’s funny take on cancer
  • Why my friend Jenny can be heard very loudly and clearly on the recording of my interview with the band

Until tomorrow… Snatch on. I’m sure I’ll regret that later on in my career.