5to4’s Tip It

By Lip Parsons

5to4 is Phil Goss’s labor of love solo project. The three track EP, Tip It, demonstrates Goss’s attention to detail his own interest in indie music. This is the second release for the musician, writer, and psychotherapist and is part of what he plans to be only the beginning.

The EP aims for prog rock, but sticks more of a vintage pop landing. No diss meant. There’s a electronica backbone in there too. Old school pop you’re hear in a club in 1983 in London or New York is a compliment. Feels like Goss really thought about his project before he laid down a note. That kind of heart informs the music every time, right?

Maybe I’m also influenced by Goss’s day job as a psychotherapist. There’s an intelligence behind the music. A brainiac sojourner vibe. Yet, it doesn’t get so deep that you can’t just kick it and enjoy.

5to4 has a bright future if the past two records are any indication. Here’s to hearing that next round of ideas.

EP “Tip It” and “It’s Not That It’s Not” –  George Atkins, 80 Hertz Studios, Manchester
“Walk” – Sam Parkinson, Stonegate Studios, North Yorkshire


1. Tip It
2. It’s Not That It’s Not
3. Walk