Alex Siegel: Röykkä

By Lisa Waugh

When Alex Siegel headed to Finland to record his new album Röykkä, maybe he knew how it would turn out. Maybe he purposefully infused his native coastal Santa Monica with the peaceful nature of Scandinavia. It certainly sounds that way. Siegel’s music wraps perfectly around his smooth vocals and lyrics.

Röykkä is peaceful, powerful. It’s not quite like anything else. Siegel is so confident in his skin, the record can’t help but feel pure. Siegel pulls from various elements and genres, including his own interpretation of 70s rock.

Siegel’s music doesn’t feel like it belongs to one or even two places His music is popular not only in the U.S. and Finland but also Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, France, South Africa, and Ireland. Feel for it yourself, where ever you are.

“Hanging On A Star”

All music and lyrics by Alex Siegel.

“Good Leg” was recorded with: Matti Kari (mellotron, organ), Rasmus Harinen (bass), and Ville Luukkonen (drums).

All other tracks feature Alex Siegel on drums, bass, guitar, and vocals with organ and strings by Matti Kari.

Production: Alex Siegel and Matti Kari at Vostok Studio in Finland.

Röykkä Tracklisting:
Run Home
Hope You’ll Be
Good Leg
Hanging On A Star
Summer Tune
Quiet King
Stronger Than Love