Fallen Asunder

By Lisa Waugh

Childhood friends and bandmates Ryan Batturs and Josh Weaver hammer out the word “sympatico” on their self-titled record, Fallen Asunder. When you’ve spent that kind of time together, your efforts together will be forged in fire. A white hot metal fire.

There’s something big sky about their project. Large looming tracks with wide screen themes. Weighty at times, light at others. Batturs and Weaver have put in the work and appear to be ready to move up the rock/metal rung, maybe by two rungs at a time.

Their earnestness is undeniable. There are arena anthems (“Meant for So Much More”) and ballads (“Silent Lies”). There’s heart, soul, and balls.

Fallen Asunder is a driving force for a band that may be new, but for the two friends, it’s been a long time coming. The bond is necessary out there in the harsh climes of the music business, but Batturs and Weaver don’t seem to be daunted. Batturs would probably be more than happy to scream into the face of doubt, exercising the band’s “Free Will.”

The overall impact of Fallen Asunder if a full-on metal and rock onslaught. Great for a release at the end of a crazy as shit day. Excellent for some good old fashioned raging out. Perfect for celebrating a victory. No matter how you use their music, Fallen Asunder is sure to keep making more of it. Watch this space.

“Meant for So Much More”

Ryan Batturs: Vocals, guitar
Josh Weaver: Lead guitar

Recorded and Produced by Ryan Batturs. Mastered by Mercury Mastering

1. The World and Fate
2. Our Ghosts
3. Meant for so Much More
4. Silent Lies
5. Free Will
6. Plight
7. Upon Your Stars
8. Lost in the Rain
9. In Your Depths
10. We’ll Never Run
11. Brought to Life
12. Blinded Eyes