3 Geminis, Enter the Synth

By R.B. Sloane


Fred Carrico knows his way around a score. His work has been featured on Burn Notice and across other projects. He brought Marc Jordan and Josh Langfield together to form 3 Geminis for a selt-titled EP and synthcapade that is fun as hell. Technically, though, 3 Geminis is a solo project for Carrico.

Crunchy synths, demonic synths, chase scene synths, even synths to get laid to. There’s something for rock, pop, and electronic fans everywhere with 3 Geminis. Part arena rock, part club atmosphere, all rich and deeply serious and synthy.

Carrico sought out producer Marc Jordan who has worked on projects with Velvet Revolver, The Cult, and Jeordie White. The serious metal rock feel is intentional. Big epic sound with a stop down for a quiet moment of introspection and intrigue on “Got My Girl.”

3 Geminis is emotive, driving, full of rip, and plenty of roar.

Marc Jordan, McKay Garner
Mixed by:
Marc Jordan, McKay Garner

Mastered by:
David Alexander

“Break Through The Gate” co-written by Merri Hortman

3 Geminis Tracklisting:

1. On the Ground Again
2. Lost
3. Thin Thread
4. Got My Girl
5. Break Through The Gate