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Justin Shapiro: Campfire Party

By Lyle Lister Justin Shapiro’s new solo album Campfire Party is a celebration as well as a call to action. Shapiro proves you can have a message and a good time at the same time. Campfire Party has got a song for every mood, too. Political ballads, inspirational anthems, love songs, and some good old […]

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Conscious Presence

By Lisa Waugh When producer Sound-Sage and rapper Soul Seeker came together, it was meant to be. Their debut album, the self-titled Conscious Presence, is 100% proof of that. Both musicians showcase their very specific symbiotic duo through all 21 tracks. If this is their debut album then holy shit. Sound-Sage and Soul Seeker do […]

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James Adkins: Brokedown Free Man Blues

By Lisa Waugh James Adkins is one of those singer songwriters who was born to do it. He started his musical life learning how to sing and play guitar from his father and he’s made it look damn near magical ever since. But the source of his talent is not magic even though Brokedown Free […]

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