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Alarma: World Ignition

By Stephen Chow Alarma is my new fav. This Northeast LA band brings together Latin Cumbia, Reggae, ska, African, and Middle Eastern flavors to their latest record World Ignition. There are eight bomb tracks to move, drink, surf, drive, or relax to. Hell, I don’t dance and even I was flinging myself around. World Ignition […]

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ds|fečo: “Jihad du Jour”

By Logan P. Oakland experimental artist ds|fečo has returned with his take on the current political climate, specifically focused on “jihadism.” Of the single Of the single “Jihad du Jour,” ds|fečo, who’s real name is David Fetcho, explains, “In light of the recent spate of deadly attacks by lone wolf, ‘self-radicalized’ extremists—Egypt, Sweden, London, Manchester, […]

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Nashaat Salman: “Unforgettable (feat. Lakita Bagwell)”

By Castio Guerrerra Nashaat Salman makes music on the side. Well, the artist is a film and multimedia composer as well as an instrumentalist and orchestrator so there’s that. In his latest single, Salman captures love and longing. He leaves the nature of the relationship up to the listener. “Unforgettable” dips and soars as Salman’s […]

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