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Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders

By Steph Cunningham Eric Anders’s compilation Big World Abide draws from four of his works and the result is a time travel through the artist’s state of mind and collaboration throughout the years. The tracks he and his producers have chosen from Tethered to the Ground, Remains in Me, More Regrets, and Not At One demonstrate […]

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Digit + Stas: Violet

By Gordon Benifli Amy Winehouse, Adele, Annie Lennox, and Grace Slick had a baby. Nastasia Avrutin. Arresting, haunting, and bold as hell, Avrutin’s solo project Digit + Stas and her new EP Violet is a whirling cyclone spinning off into myriad dust devils of emotions and conjurings. Avrutin has lived all over – St. Petersburg, […]

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