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Port of Est. Onyx Moon

By Lisa Waugh Hannah Tarkinson’s vocals are uncanny on the track “Lupine” from Port of Est.’s new record Onyx Moon. Tarkinson is channeling Bjork, if Bjork rolled out Portland, Maine. But wait, Tarkinson is not done, there’s some Kate Bush in the track “Transparent.” Onyx Moon is a brand new record that is superbly vintage. […]

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Ronjo V Ronjoism

By Stephen Chow Probably my new favorite sound is coming from this band. It’s hard to describe Ronjo V’s thing but it should be trademarked. It’s melodic, but there’re teeth to it. The echo in the tracks feels like a little like Arctic Monkeys. The harder tracks ping a little bit like hard to place […]

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The Lost Poets Insubordia PT II

By Antiem Boyd This one of our favorite bands around here. The Lost Poets are dark, dramatic, making Part II of Insubordia is an excellent listen. Beautifully executed, there are shades of metal, deep echoes of a film score, and mysterious, almost tribal elements to some tracks such as “Beyond Redemption.” “1000 Mph” sounds like a […]

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