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Vile Display of Humanity, Enough Said

By Rhin Howard Four screams in and I know why I was assigned Vile Display of Humanity’s self-titled album. I listed thrash and all of its bastard cousins as a thing I liked when I applied for this gig. And this is exactly the kind of band I relish covering. I used to work in […]

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Michael Cullen’s True Believer

By Antiem Boyd Michael Cullen has become an indie pop, punk godfather, edgier with time. Afraid of nothing. That’s what makes Cullen a True Believer and his record worth a listen. His music is not fearless so much as full of expectation. You can’t be too afraid when you know what real pain is. He’s […]

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Joykill Collective’s New Battle Cry

By Antiem Boyd Joykill Collective began as a solo project for Leif. The young artist lived in an attic in Northampton as part of an artistic commune. As he shared his politicalIy charged views with his fellow commune dwellers and they shared their thoughts and ideas about how messed up the world is, something began […]

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