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‘The Mantra’ is a Force of Nature Ganganbaigal

Nature Ganganbaigal: The Mantra By Lisa Waugh If you’re looking for something unique, like pagan folk, to infuse into your music collection this summer, we suggest Nature Ganganbaigal, Chinese name Tianran Zhang. Throat singing underneath a cinematic score? Check. A travelogue on horse back? Check. The Mantra showcases Nature Ganganbaigal’s very specific talents, a lifetime […]

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The Liquorsmiths ‘This Book Belongs To’

The Liquorsmiths: This Book Belongs To By Antiem Boyd Wow. The Liquorsmiths win for that band name. They also win for their new record This Book Belongs To. Start to finish, there’s so much to enjoy. Lyrics, melody, music crafting, production. The Liquorsmiths nail it with this album and deserve a very rare 5 stars. […]

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Grumsling, Something Strange This Way Comes

Grumsling: Full Coverage Grumsling: A Church, On a Boat, In the Sea By Stephen Chow July 8, 2015 Straight out of Oakland, a quartet called Grumsling comes. The goal of their two new EPs is to reveal the mystery behind the character Grumsling. So after a few listens, you’re asked to tune in a little […]

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