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Solo Artist Breaks the Sound Barrier with ‘In Silence’

by R.B. Sloane Burak Ozmucur’s In Silence Burak Ozmucur’s music can be hard, high energy and vocally hard core but his new EP In Silence lets him explore his melodic side, a slight departure from his usual heavy metal sound. In Silence is an ethereal and winding, down tempo record full of contemplation. Ozmucur’s music can […]

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How a Tuna Sandwich Inspired a Song for The New Investors

by R.B. Sloane The New Investors “Atún” from digital The New Investors are a fresh blast from Denmark, bringing new fans their special brand of psychedelic surf and cocktail soundtrack, full of big sky, big water and an ocean of talent. The single “Atún” gives a hint at what The New Investor’s record digital is […]

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