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‘Transparent’ Is The TV Family Comedy Gentiles Will Love

by Lisa Waugh  *Don’t read unless you’ve seen the entire series now available on Amazon Prime streaming. Transparent is the family I wish I had. With the transitioning male-to-female father, the mariticide-planning mother, the three selfish/brilliant/confused/annoying/awesome grown children and the LA backdrop of cultured Jewish family dysfunction, I’d have family dinner with these guys and crack […]

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Manilow’s ‘Cease and Desist’ is Smart Punk

by Lisa Waugh As a former punk disciple, Manilow had me at their band name. To kick off the first track of their new EP Cease and Desist, “Missing” hits the right spot and elegantly smashes the mood to gooshy, delicious pieces. Manilow’s record is a nice thrash indeed. The London band is propelling a mix […]

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