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David Chang Noodle Bro

If you had of told me that people would watch people cook and eat food on TV in droves, I would have laughed as hard that time you told me that people would buy water. What is not so funny is that I never sold my screenplay about a chef in the wayback of 2000 […]

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James Spader To Play Ultron in Avengers Flick

Lisa Waugh When I read this on First Showing: Following a scene stealing performance in Steven Spielberg’s historical biopic Lincoln last year, James Spader will return to the big screen in what will likely be the largest role of his career. He’s going to be playing the ultra villain Ultron in The Avengers: Age of […]

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No Sleep Til Qo’noS

I have a super weird schedule these days. After years of bathing roughly once a week and wearing yoga pants everywhere but especially not to yoga practice, I got sucked into a day job. It’s not bad. They have money there. More money than the yoga pants job. But, still, it’s strange. Besides showering every day […]

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