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Uncompromising: Time and Energy

Lisa Waugh I know the live and open recording is intentional but Time and Energy’s second album, Strange Kind of Focus, gets a little noisy in the studio. It’s kind of hammery on the ears. I wonder if the tracks would reflect the artist better if they were contained but then that kind of kills the […]

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The Smart & Final Decision About Healthy Food

Lisa Waugh If my clock is right, a lot of us are out there starting the New Year with a health and fitness challenge. One of the big discussions I hear all around is that although it’s great to get back into shape, the cost of food is somewhat daunting. This is where I, Miss […]

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Giving Props to Quinoa

Lisa Waugh I like to call my roommate Sporty Spice. He’s not exactly happy about that moniker but he’s so super healthy, he puts me to shame. One of the things he consumes on a regular basis is quinoa (pronounced keen-wah). For weeks, I didn’t know what was in these large containers in the cabinet. […]

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