061880’s The Dream of a God

By Lisa Waugh

Here’s the setting for experimental and ambient drone artist 061880’s The Dream of a God:

“In the summer of 1973, a small town in Louisiana was host to a string of grisly murders. Without a shred of evidence left at the scenes, much of the town’s population thought it was something sinister lurking in the forest. Authorities were horrified to discover the murders were the work of a blood thirsty cult! God’s country ends outside of East Hodge, Louisiana.”

Real or not, I gotta say, the album is mesmerizing. One can only imagine the horrible visuals to accompany the tracks on The Dream of a God. And that’s it’s charm. You are compelled to watch your own little movie across the 27 tracks, each title explaining which act of the store we’re “witnessing.” Like an odd mind play, you’re pulled into every twist and turn of the changing moods of the record. If you’re looking for some background on a moonless night in a remote place, I highly recommend The Dream of a God. But only if you want to scare the living shit out of yourself.

Where do these ideas and sounds come from? 061880 springs from the brain of John Parnell, the only band member, musician, and orchestrator of this ethereal and downright terrifying music. The beauty of Parnell is that he’s got a set of storyboards in mind when he’s creating. He’s wired that way.

Sometimes those storyboards are one frame. Take for instance 061880’s video for “Chatting with Imaginary Devils,” spellbinding and worrisome.

Every aspect of The Dream of a God lends itself to the story, a tale just as disturbing in the ‘70s as it would be today. May you see these allegedly true events in black and white ala early Romero movies. Or maybe you’re throwing full color at the screen of your mind. Whatever the case, O61880 is there, plotting the murders, digging the holes, and covering up the truth of those dark nights long ago.

All instruments and sounds performed by: John Parnell
Recorded, mixed, and masted at Omicron

The Dream of a God Tracklisting:

1. A long torturous night (part I)
2. A long torturous night (part II) The beginning
3. A long torturous night (part III) I don’t think we’re alone Jason!
4. A long torturous night (part IV)
5. A long torturous night (part V) Dead people make up half the world
6. A long torturous night (part VI)
7. A long torturous night (part VII)
8. A long torturous night (part VIII)
9. A long torturous night (part IX)
10. A long torturous night (part X) Beth’s turn
11. All evil things must sleep
12. All monsters are human (part I)
13. All monsters are human (part II) Sixteen flavors of ole holy hell
14. All monsters are human (part III)
15. All monsters are human (part IV)
16. All monsters are human (part V) 9, 10, and out
17. All the secrets of hell
18. Hell has a price (part I)
19. Hell has a price (part II) We’ll meet just after dawn
20. Hell has a price (part III)
21. Hell has a price (part IV) Can you hear them?
22. Hell has a price (part V) Without your muffled screams
23. Hell has a price (part VI)
24. Hell has a price (part VII)
25. Melancholy exile (part I)
26. Melancholy exile (part II)
27. Melancholy exile (part III)