061180’s ‘I’m considering being a cloud’ Rains Surrealism All Over Me and I’m Chilly

by Stephen Chow

061180: I’m considering being a cloud


061180: John Parnell

Basically, I put this in my headphones and drove up the coast this morning and was instantly like, What the actual fuck?

That reaction was from the track “Fiction” and then I waited for track 2, “A farm in the dessert,” to roll around. Again, What the fuckety fuck? By track three, “Home bird III,” I thought that maybe I had accidentally taken some acid. But no.

I was still sitting in my car at the beach very early in the morning and I couldn’t even think about putting on my suit. By the time I slid into track 4, “Satan’s kazoo,” I was terrified and then paranoid that someone was trying to kill me.

When “Eat your make-up” came on, I actually did that. I found my girlfriend’s lipstick in the middle console and ate it. I’m kidding. I did lick it though. What the fuck is going on?! What the fuck am I listening to? I said as I licked my girlfriend’s lipstick. The shade is “Heroine.”

So after the final track “A lesser key of Solomon” ended, I got out of my car and dug a hole in the sand and had a lie down. I decided not to surf and then came home and curled up on the couch and watched Daredevil again, very loudly. I may have peed a little.

I finally had the courage to call up our editor at Scallywag and ask her why she thought I’d like this record. She laughed gleefully for nearly 40 seconds. It was creepy. Then she said, “He’s from close to my hometown back in Alabama. Isn’t his shit great?! People underestimate Southerners all the time.”

This explained nothing to me. In fact, I am now a little afraid of her. I mean, I’m from SoCal and so it’s a big when I say that this EP is… disturbing. But I’m not an aficiondo of drone or avant garde music. But I did grow up with hippie Buddhists for parents so that’s some context.

As the strains of 061180’s (I’m assuming this is artist John Parnell’s birthday) I’m considering being a cloud receded from my brain, I began to regain my sense of relative normalcy. The color returned to the world. I had a sandwich. I played video games.

Now I’m getting ready to go out and join friends for a few drinks and I’m going to pick up my friend Josh on the way. I’m going to blast this on the car stereo when he gets in and then watch him turn completely inside out like I did this morning.

That’s what 061180’s I’m considering being a cloud did to me. I hope it does the same to you.

061180 Members / Instruments:
John Parnell – all sounds and all instruments

I’m considering being a cloud Production:
recorded, mixed, and mastered at Omicron (excellent name)
produced by John Parnell

I’m considering being a cloud Tracklisting:
A farm in the dessert
Home bird III
Satan’s kazoo
Eat your makeup
A lessor key of Solomon

“Echoes of conversation” – Experience 061180 and be terrified visually